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Bicycle Inner Tube / Patch / Rim Tape/ Magnetized Hub

Starting from research and development, design, and manufacture, all FOSS products are 100% made in Taiwan.
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FOSS EFT Inner Tube
16x23C-25C 16x28C-38C 16x1.35-2.0 18x23C-25C 18x28C-38C 18x1.35-2.0 20x23C-25C 20x28C-38C(406) 20x28C-38C(451) 20x1.35-2.020x1.95-2.524x23C-25C 24x28C-38C(520) 24x1.35-2.024x1.95-2.526x23C-25C 26x28C-
FOSS TUBE Non-Slip Rim Tape
18mmX180mm (2pcs/set)23mmX180mm (2pcs/set)
FOSS Hub with a magnet can endure 150 degrees high temperature, also the simple
Product Features1.FOSS Hub with two 20-tooth-ratches can improve the structure limitation.The traditional 3 or 6 teeth ratches usually bring the stress concentration of single tooth engagement by whic
FOSS EFT Inner Tube
1. Explosion Proof:When punctured, the tube material will create an air-tight seal around the object. It will prevent an immediate puncture and slow down air leaks, which will grant riders more time t
Rim Tape
1.Made of environmentally friendly materials2.To prevent the tube from slipping under high load3.To protect the tube against mechanical damage from spoke heads and metal burrs around spoke holes4.To p
FOSS Patch
25mm x 25mm, 6 pcs/setVery easy and quick to mend a puncture. Just wipe dirt off tube surface, and tape a patch on the puncture.It takes only a few seconds. No glue is needed. This patch can be used a
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