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Foss Worldwide Inc. 德安百世實業股份有限公司

Bicycle Inner Tube / Patch / Rim Tape/ Magnetized Hub

Today is 25,Sep,2018
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Rim Tape
Rim Tape
Rim TapeRim TapeRim Tape
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Products: Hits: 4897Rim Tape 
Brand: FOSS
model: RT-18, RT-23
Specifications: width 18mm, 23mm
Price: Negotiable
Min. Order: N/A
Total Quantity: N/A
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated: 2017-04-18 11:51
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1. Made of environmentally friendly materials
2. To prevent the tube from slipping under high load
3. To protect the tube against mechanical damage from spoke heads and metal burrs around spoke holes
4. To protect the valve against damage from rim cavity
5. High pressure rim tape